Chasing Pongas Falls

Once and for all, Sagada never failed to give me those moments of alexithymia.

The way to the reach the great Pongas Falls wasn’t exactly an easy walk as it offers a daring adventure, that anyone who’s not a huge fan of trekking would not welcome the idea, add the fact that the sun was at its hottest when we commenced with the hike at around 2:30 PM. It was an unfamiliarly quiet afternoon o’er the warmly welcoming rice terraces breathing waves of fresh air. The mere views at the jumpoff point and the trails were already a sight to behold.

After 30 minutes of walking, we passed through the peaceful village of Ankileng depicting their wealthy northern tradition. The locals were very welcoming as we’re greeted with the sweetest smiles one could expect. In the littlest ways, we were able to meet interesting people and were briefly immersed and introduced to their culture – a moment of feeling free, happy, and balanced with the world. The whole setting was a picture of that simple living to which I was born to with, and which the cityscape I now live to is lacking. 

Minutes later after feasting our eyes with those breathtaking views of green landscapes, passing through cliff edges, hanging bridges, and boulders, we were welcomed by the mountainous trails arched with towering pine trees, before having a glimpse and finally experiencing the falls itself, no more, no less. Much to my surprise then, validating the claim that such tramp was not as easy as it seems, we found ourselves alone in there.

The hills to the east starts to reflect the setting sun turning into a deep plum. I was physically dead tired and my eyes were impatiently drooping, but those thin gauze of clouds seemingly wrapping the green mountains with tuft cotton candies were too beautiful to mind those unecessary pains. True enough, many things, mostly the greatest ones, start out with some pinches of hardships. Right there, I found myself hugely amazed again.

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