24 October 2021



02 October 2021 |  Thcutie method of manifestation is proving to be a powerful tool, at least for my taking. After a month in Tartu, I managed to crack my first out-of-the-country (a feat I deeply hoped for) through a semi-spontaneous trip to Estonia’s immediate northern neighbor tagged as the happiest country on earth – Finland!

I was running like a headless chicken over the last couple of days, academic-wise. So when a fellow Erasmus student pitched this idea of running like a headful chicken running a half marathon, I ran out of good reasons to not give it a go because my heart specifically beats for running. Add to the fact that I needed a huge break, this was essentially hitting two birds with a one stone – a huge motivation to run again on one hand and a grand opportunity to travel on the other. Despite the lack of a proper pair of running shoes at that moment, in the midst of acad responsibilities, and a mere 6-day window to prepare, I signed up for the 2021 Helsinki City Run. 

As expected, I had a rough time coming to terms with this trap I let myself fall into. On day 1 of training, I ran a meager 10k to break the ice and dust the rust off which gave me a clear preview of my underlying deathly fate. No other choice but to push harder, I went for a 20-km trek in Elva hiking trail as a recovery activity the next day. On days 3 & 4, the previous day’s immature move took its toll on me as my legs could already feel the inevitable hurt I claimed to not feel the previous day. This prompted me to take it easy gearing up for a bridging 13km run on day 5. I was supposed to run another 17km the next day but lacked the time to do so due to schedule conflict. I am still a student on top of everything, after all.


Finally the day came and circumstances looked bleaker to my disadvantage.  Oh man, I had to do a half-marathon half-prepared. It felt like taking an exam and heavily relying on stock knowledge except that the human body doesn’t work that way.  I did well on the first hour which was something I did not expect but the latter half of the run was disastrous as it should mostly characterized by unspeakable pain in my upper thigh. I had to walk for the most part especially towards the tail end which was terribly shameful realizing that I was somehow bearing the Ph flag in my shoes. Fueled by the desire to get things done on a positive note at the very least, I pressed forward to at least clinch the finisher medal as consolation. 

It was an F worth of performance judging by the stats and ranking list afterwards. But then again, I had to remind myself of who I am racing against, I am running my own race at my own pace, after all.