Lumiang-Sumaguing Cave Connection

For the record, this was my first official caving adventure. And thinking back about that four-hour psychedelic tour on depths of stunning labyrinths, effortlessly re-furnishes my thirst for more deadly quests, hopefully in the very near future. The mouth of the Lumiang Cave is creepy but a sight to behold in itself with those piles of coffins encasing the remains of their ancestors who passed away due to old age, for the past couple of hundred years. 

Lamps’ on, hearts out, and we were all ready to jumpstart with the traverse. The dizzying descent of the Lumiang Cave welcomed us via an initial taste of adventure through those intrepid spelunkers ahead of us who descended and disappeared in no time among the rocks. We eventually crept into those very same tight gaps until the natural light eventually turned into a thing in the past. In no time, the cave took us on hands and knees through network passageways depths further into the earth.

Descending from the Lumiang caves’ narrow trails is a dispute to reckon as each passage requires squeezing into tight rock formations, getting through and sliding through and drop down those steep crevices. There were certain stunts which were difficult to execute in the absence the tour guides’ legs and shoulders that literally served as our feet’s landing spots and ladders to cross and avoid dropping off those jagged rocks. But being the egoistic traveler that I am during that time, I refused to accept much assistance and rather opted to figure things out on my own most of the time, of course making sure to obey and respect the guides whenever they try to offer me their assistance :) Waterfalls and streams of underground waters as well as arduous hill-y rocks are abundant later on with the spelunking jaunt, to which I honestly lost count. Wading through and passing across those waist-high cold waters, climbing a storey-high rock formations, getting through those slick rocks and downward slopes, while hanging on to ropes strategically tied along the shallow roads, were all part of this orchestrated obstacle course. The adventure is obviously for the relatively fit ones with huge determination and heart for extreme adventures at that. Hours later, we reached the second half of the cave course: the Sumaguing Cave where we marvelled at awesome rock formations including those that resembles a mermaid, an umbrella, king’s curtains, animals such as an alligator, a frog, a turtle and some pincers, as well as some naughty and pervy sights. It was joy beholding those high-ceilinged, echoey cathedral-like caverns prepped with those precious stalagmites and stalactites.

At the end of the Sumaguing Cave, was the much coveted sunlight. But we still went sideways to indulge on those glassy, limpid, underground pools and bone-chilling crystal clear rivers right before us before going up. At the end of it all, we climbed back up approaching that illuminating light, and was welcomed back by that signature sweet earthly smells and high-pitches squeaks of bats, until we completely made it to that final 120-step assault.

And things couldn’t get more surreal at that time, definitely one for the books.

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