This blog used to be a catch basin for a teenage dirt-bag’s emotional riffs, rants, and all other random nonsense. In the process, this site has outgrown itself as it underwent several manipulations, from the layout to the content. Seven years been gone, four blog names passed, and still, this blog's still alive.

What a disastrously un-creative way to give a blog a name. Then, shortly after, I changed it to Oliver’s Blog. Please don't judge. It was sometime in August 2010, back in the days when I was drowning in a sea of laboratory reports that this site was born. Inspired mainly by my then favorites sites - Superbianca and The Melting Pen, I envisioned this site to be something similar to these pages. Unfortunately, things didn’t turned out as planned, this blog never matured the way it ought to be.Such a huge disappointment.

Protocols of Oliversiblerxn
Speaking of maturity, or the lack of it, this blog was renamed to Protocols of Oliversiblerxn towards the end of 2010; protocols being protocols, and oliversiblerxn being a poor attempt to mean “irreversible reaction” – that which implies my irreversible views on certain stuff published on this site. I’m close-minded like that. For a couple of months, this blog has dealt with solitude. No traffic whatsover.

The Beat Box Blog
Diverting towards topics closer to my heart, this blog was rebranded once again by the end of 2012. Filled with music charts, reviews, playlists, mixtapes, and all things music. And while this turned into a second-rate music site, it remained as a personal one at the very core, and a travel site on the side since that time I started climbing mountains early 2013. During this time, I permanently moved the music contents on another space, for convenience.

Olvr’s Trvls
Fast forward to six years later, I decided to alter the name to Olvr’s Trvls (loosely based on the 2010 film Gulliver's Travels), believed to be a more accurate expression of this site’s current contents. This is also a slight tweak of my then tumblr blog called “Olivr’s Troubles”, basically about the troubles of my then day-to-day life as a struggling chemistry student. To date, nothing’s certain yet about the future for this page. We’ll just cross the bridge when we get there.