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Thursday, November 23, 2017

RCh, finally

November 23, 2017
This card is a partial result of my 5 grueling years fighting in the university; well 10 years if I go strictly by the numbers. I know it’s too long of a time and effort for a card and it’s just relieving that this chapter’s already just a part of my history as a student now.

A huge part of all this is my Alma Mater.

UP dream hasn’t been mine to work-on and fulfill, initially to say the least. From what I remember 10 years ago, UP was never an option for a college education – one, we simply can’t afford it, and two, I thought UP is too much for me to handle. But then universe had other plans – UPCAT and DOST results favored my side – opportunity knocked, I had nothing to lose but everything to gain, so who was I to not give the nod? But the UP ride was not entirely what I expected (or the lack of it) it to be; hard, to describe the entire process, is an understatement. Though somehow I was able to get by, get bruised and jaded from falling and failing for a couple of times, eventually I was able to regain my balance, then bounce back, a cycle and a series of that. The whole course was worth it, and it’s nothing like anything else out there.

So thanks, UP, for the love, kindness, and the privilege to grow well and strong – with your hard hitting fist and around your caring, nurturing arms. This new achievement, no matter how long this has been an overdue already, just means so much to people I love. 

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Guess who’s back, back again

November 21, 2017

I’ve been away for a while. But there are just some certain spaces I can’t truly leave behind, this corner right here, for instance. Maybe because it’s something I have grown to appreciate, care for, and love. It’s somewhere I can be home, and can call my own – a true witness of many of my self-introspections, time and time again. 

Although for some moments, I’ve felt this place is a trash, useless, and a constant reminder of my mistakes, incapability, and failures. I came to a point wherein I realized that there is more to life than lurking around my computer screen doing such nonsense, that instead, I should be experiencing life as it is, breathing fresh real air, constantly learn new things by actually being there. But for some reason in a few other occasions, today included, there goes that longing and emptiness that leads me to this very place, again.

After that quite long of a hiatus, there really are a lot of misadventure tales to tell (haven’t really started with my thesis yet), so many interesting ideas and accounts of victories left unwritten (finally earned the card), and so much feels probably forgotten (surely a lot of those). But then, heaps and tons of stories more to write. And I will take on each and every of those one at a time.

So I guess I’m back.

But not really.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Mayon at Kailanman

June 03, 2016
Growing up witnessing the natural treasures of the north, as perks of sponsored trips during those grade-school and high-school days, I developed this colossal desire to realize more of those nature fantasies of mine, to extend my adventures down south. But with funds, being the major game player, and me being a student who's practically broke in most of the days, everything I long for my traveller-self were always put on hold. I don’t simply have the means so I had to mark that road temporarily closed by then – until such time when I finally had these tiny windows of opportunities to make my own-money-for-myself-to-spend, and have a taste of those childhood dreams.

Fast forward came 2012, soon as my thesis manuscript was bound-hard, was hired for a job I half-loved shortly after, and finally made some cash out of it, I made sure to take some of those abstract fantasies into intangible realities. I knew it was then the best time to pull it off, having the time, so much energy, and a little but enough dash of resource and money. 

And I truly had the best of times during those good travelling days – mountains, beaches, and the list goes on... but not until such time when I had to slow down again, pull the pedal, and set those wanderlust urges aside to dedicate more time for another chapter of my academic life, being a part-time student on one hand, and a full-time job on the other. 

Thus, I extremely thank the universe for holidays. One such rarities was during that Christmas season, when I was able to get in touch with the sands of Matnog in Sorsogon, then later dropped by Legazpi just before going back home; sit over a rock and spend some quality time waiting for the clouds to partially reveal this conic's perfect form, with such perfect peak I sincerely wish to stand the test of time:

Surely, it will take a few more full moons before some well-spent getsway like this comes up again. To those other dear spots from the country on different waiting ends, please wait for me patiently. It’s just a matter of time.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Matnog on my mind, again

May 01, 2016
Beach-ing around at this age and time is too mainstream the fact that for most of us, it’s already a way of life. But the Subic Beach in Matnog is a totally different story altogether. Sure there are a lot of more popular beach destinations in the country yet this laid back, unspoilt destination is heavily boasting its own beauty; that the rough fifteen hour total ride I had to endure just to reach it, is undoubtedly worth it. And with my desire to capture such beauty, I made this quick rough sketch minutes before the sundown, which turned out to be a poor attempt of doing a diy postcard, "Sakaling Hindi Makarating"-style. 

Here's to hoping for a better one next time. 

“Just add water”
pencil on paper
2.5 x 4.0”

Friday, April 29, 2016

Matnog on my mind

April 29, 2016
25 December 2015, Subic Beach, Matnog...

I had along restless road battle prior to this beach moment, hello to that nearly sleepless christmas eve. It was almost noontime at the helm when I reached the the southernmost tip in Sorsogon - the gateway to the famed but humble Matnog. The fact that it was a holiday, it was already given that it will be extra hard to find a boat towards the target destination. But good heavens permit, the seeking game didn’t last that long after some negotiations. The boat’s then crawling good to go as it made its way across and beyond the pacific waves.

A staggering happiness was all around the island with the bunch of kids having the time of their lives in their lushest playground aka water. It’s nice to see such free-spirited souls taking things lightly on such postcard-perfect scene – stunning powdery sand, richly plant-lined beaches lapped by clear turquoise waters, dot dot dot. And it feels good. Talk about being away from home, away from the usual routine, the usual rules, and the usual woes. Independence day by the year end.

The beach wasn’t at its best during my visit; quiet and devastated as it is due to the previous typhoon that hit the province weeks before Christmas – no electricity, thus no ice for sale, therefore no cold beer. Nevertheless, the place was still as lovely as I imagined, that it only took me only a heartbeat to fall in love with the well, lovely place. 

It was 2 o’clock right then, and no matter how I wanted to further drench my ayes and myself in the waters, I had to temporarily set everything aside, gain some energy, and embrace that long-coveted sleep for myself, the sea-side way.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Christmas on the Road

March 26, 2016
The painful truth is this – me missing those usual weekend getaways for a considerable amount of time now. That weekend class I had to attend to, plus other responsibilities always piling up were the primary culprits for this extensive running-away abstinence on my part. But such terms as priority and time management were also invented..       ..which brings me btw to this very unlikely but nearly perfect choice of spending the christmas season away from home to compensate for the lack of that right time I have been insofar, waiting for for  a really long time now. 

December 24, 2015 was the fateful date, just a few days after a hell of a sem.  From the restful foot of Mt. Makiling where I’ve been thriving for a good eight years now, I opted to go a little southward and explore the other far end of the island of Luzon rather than directing northward and spend the holidays abode, like I’ve been used to doing for the last seven years. 

As liberating as this may sound, the challenge is very much real from finding a seat off a bus (read: christmas) to enduring the ride itself with an inconsiderate seatmate on a nonstop puff throughout the ride. Then there was that almost tragic crash against a reckless trailer truck somewhere in Quezon’s forested roads. Although the entire bus ride wasn’t bad that much, sumtotalwise -- the ratio of pleasure to misery was still greater than one. 

I remember waking up at nearly twelve midnight off a deep nap then greeting my other seatmate a merry christmas; and then falling asleep again before waking just in time to have a glimpse of the famed Mt. Mayon in orange outlines; before finally taking that long rural stretch to my first stop--