29 December 2021

Dubrovnik Acid, pH, & Buffers

29 December 2021 | At the moment, I am in the midst of a 10-hour overnight FLiX bus bound to Zagreb, still feeling ecstatic over the Dubrovnik hangover and the unexpected after-effects of my farewell Dubrovnik beer. I could not seem to catch some sleep probably because of that cheap coffee I had in the bus station prior to departure or possibly due to the fact that I am not exactly sober after drinking more alcohol than water in the last 7 days.  


Easily, Dubrovnik is the best place I have ever been to for the past five months I have spent wandering around a couple of cities outside Tartu  definitely not the basic type of travel (pun intended). In addition to the famed Game of Thrones badge forever etched to this village being a major shoot location (i. e., King's Landing) the city was effortlessly stunning, and enduring extra-long hours of the bus ride is all worth the time. And this Dubrovnik cab driver couldn't agree more  that “Dubrovnik is beautiful just the way it is, with GOT or GOT without”. This was the sole statement we agreed on from that point, unfortunately. 

When this cab driver learned that I was from the Philippines, he delved so deep into a doomed pH Ph politics discussion leaving me no choice but to give my two cents (a grand presentation of truth) to burst his bubble. I narrated how and why the current Ph situation is not good as he thinks it is, backed with realities (proofs and intangible examples) of my claims that totally agitated the hell out of him. The guy retaliated, bombarding me with his views about fairness, the justice system, the horrible "Croatia will be lucky to have such a president", and so on, until the seemingly light pep talk turned really sour. I listened to his unsubstantiated speech, anyhow; expectedly themed, familiarly patterned, and sounding very much like a patented broken DDS record of the same old narratives. 

Never have I ever expected having such an awkward conversation about a filthy topic in such a lovely place. It was uncalled for and was downright unnecessary, to begin with. Plus, there were no real points in making a huge deal out of it for many reasons anyway. For one, he doesn't get to vote for the upcoming elections. And two, he talks shit about Game of Thrones; a TV show he didn't know anything about and never bothered to watch at all. And though it felt dreadful as the Starks feared the coming winter at that point, the most logical thing to do was shut up, let it pass, and just move on no matter how unsettling the feeling was. 

Too bad of a Croatia travel experience? Hell yes. But buffering the situation was this unexpected encounter I had just a few hours ago. This certain stranger bus seatmate insisted to share his food, filled me with a cup of drink, despite my declining the generous offer at least more than twice. I was not thirsty nor hungry, but the gesture surely calmed my bothered soul.