09 November 2014

The Final Stretch to Sagada

Like anyone else, I have my own share of wrong things I did before I am not proud about. Regrets are part of the past which I would want to change if given the chance. But there are certain things I’m a hundred percent sure of being right about – my travels. I get lost, broke, and sick, out of travelling but I could safely say that at least I get to spend my times on earth the best way possible, by collecting the best of memories I could take pride of having lived. 

While feasting my eyes with those enormous pines flanked in those massive mountains under the sun’s glorious flames, I can’t help but drew those insane grins out of those simple things knowing that I am some place where exactly my heart is. I was all eyes on the road trying to memorize the tiniest details of what seemed to be a sanctuary to me.. until the next surprise caught me by surprise itself.

I have this childhood dream of setting foot in all the 81 provinces of the Philippines. And the 20th province I set foot to, came sooner than I expected. Doing the math, I’m officially (almost) one fourth away from realizing this dream. Of course, it’s one of those glorious days all over again, comparable to my first steps when I first walked around the UPLB grounds. For a few more moments, I took the liberty of living that dream awake over those green hills covered in refreshing fogs. And the next thing I knew, we were about to leave again to resume with that winding stroll, and do more right things along with it.

The clock read 11:19 am when we finally made it to Bontoc and it’s already sultry all around the place, though the coolness of the air never failed to tug on us as we look for the final lift to Sagada. We have had a long day behind us already and getting there the soonest was the first thing I could ever wish for during those moments. Getting to see the Banaue Rice Terraces eye-to-eye was more than enough but more things are still destined to unfold. And indeed, for the first time, I was able to ride on topload and enjoy the 360 degrees view of those naturely sights along the road, leagues away from the polluted city streets.

And finally after an hour, my numbed feet were able to feel the touch of that strange but homely land I deeply dreamed to see for quite some time previously. It was a busy but peaceful village sitting over a highly rich land with an equally rich culture, blessed with pleasant people. The next task we had to do was find a spot to stay the next two nights. Out of exhaustion, we settled for a relatively pricey place at the Central Sagada area instead of searching for cheaper ones. We finally took a quick late lunch before claiming that soundly sleep we’ve been aching to indulge for, many hours since.

I was dead tired during those moments, and for a while before I finally lost my senses, I was able to replay in mind the series of unfortunate events we had to face just to be that far, but then, without any trace of second thoughts, I knew I was at the right path. And I won’t trade the whole experience for whatever comfort there is.

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