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Boat Trip to Paridisical Cabalitian Island

Few times in the past that I attempted to religiously explore Pangasinan for the simple reason that I grew up right in there.  But more often than not, I fail. Since 2007, I barely had a good and substantial length of time to stay at home which makes it even more uncharacteristic to consider exploring my homeland and realizing such goal. Except for some few instances when the universe conspires with everything else to make some things happen – a good itinerary, at a good break, with the right people to travel along with.

One good example of which was that 2014 holy weekend getaway to one of the unadulterated islands off the blissful Labrador coast called Cabalitian Island. The name might not ring a bell at all compared to the famed destinations such as the Patar Beach in Bolinao and the Hundred Islands in Alaminos, but then prominence is not always directly proportional to the wonders a certain place could offer, to which I could highly attest. Despite the fact that the trip was far from having a jam-packed itinerary and the island’s offering is restricted to the seductively cerulean beach and the basin along the cave in there, it was a perfect hideaway to chill and relax, which were enough for a boast of its unique and authentic flair. It has also a fair share of those unspoiled waters wildly crashing against the perfectly crafted rock formations, making it a joyful place to stay.

So there, with the currently long list of prospected destinations in my birthplace that I have been planning to set foot to, I wish I could quench this thirst and wanderlust creeping in my arteries right now, real soon.

Northern Trip Retrospects

The long ride along the deadly Halsema Highway from Sagada to Baguio City is an adventure in and on itself -- the teeming moss, ferns, and pines along the quiet mountainsides, the rice terraces down the sidelines, the interesting faces of men and women basking under the wide open skies, add the fact that somewhere along the way, comes Philippine Pali, the highest point of the road somewhere in Cattubo, Atok Benguet. The trip was a freezing one with cool breeze with fogs tempting to be felt, smell and even taste, almost blanketing the roads to null at some bends of the way.

As it gets to the afternoons during the ride, more and more concrete infrastructures appear along the roads signaling that Baguio was already somewhere near. And a little more than an hour, we dropped to the busy streets of the esteemed summer capital and walked to the crowdedly abused Burnham Park. Some more strolls around the raped park with heavily lined up food stalls, we decided to finally leave the mountains and descend to the plains as soon as darkness crept in. We hopped on a bus bound to Dagupan but decided to drop off to San Fabian to beach the night.

Two swift hours later and we’re finally there. For the longest time, I haven’t had my feet experience the sweetness of the sands and the salty touch of the South China Sea runs. So there, beach please. I went for a night swimming (or wading) despite the raging waves in the middle of the rusty dark. Not long after, just wrapped things off to call it a night.

The next day, it was time for another goodbye to push through with the next stride. Before leaving things down, the long stretch of the furious sea by the night has already calmed down, so might as well greet it along with the parsimonic sunrise. Unfortunately, there was nothing spectacular about the place, more than as the usual thriving place for people living around, contrast to what I remember about it during my childhood times. The place used to be a paradise to me, but sadly, it seemed to lose its charm in more than ways I expected it to be. Other than the fine black sand it still has, all the good things it has, are already gone.

The next stop was no less than the Dagupan City which is famously known to be the home of the best bangus. And why not, bangus for breakfast.

After the quick dine, we’re fast-paced off to the next stop – Lingayen, Pangasinan. As usual, the bantering Capitol was always pleasing to the eyes. Well it’s not awarded as the best provincial capitol for nothing. Few steps away from it comes the history-telling park/complex, as the gulf was a main vantage site during the Second World War.

Fret not, you don’t need to take too much time from that stop since a little more further will give you this much-more thrilling scene:

Also planned to have another side trip to Calasiao, and eventually to my hometown, but time (absent from work, anyone?) and cash (just have enough) weren’t on our side. So that concluded those 4 (or 5) days of having a taste of a portion of paradise up north. Another long ride to Metro Manila and further down to Laguna, we just arrived right on time.

PS. oh North, I sorely miss you right now.


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