05 November 2014

Prelude: Trip to the North

February 28, 2014, 3 AM. Nine hours ago, I was more than excited riding that bus to Solano, Nueva Vizcaya, anticipating for a supposed fruitful ride to the mountainous region up north. Little did I know that a total disaster was fully upswing to no avail, while I was enjoying the dusky sights beyond the window, from that rough spot at the backmost part of the bus travelling through that under-constructed road. But comes good news, we made it safe there, around four hours later.

By the time we set foot to it at around 10 PM, the bad news immediately presented itself – the next trip will come not until dawn. Five hours of being stranded in the middle of the road at the middle of the night was a nightmare, no less than that. We were practically waiting for a bus heading to Banaue with no clue at all. As the night gets darker, the air madly becomes colder, while the last of the night’s stars was starting to slowly fade either. Everyone was savaging over the sweetness of their sleeps, savoring the comfort of their beds, except me who happened to be at that stretch creeping on the midnight shadows, partied over by countless mosquitoes. My eyes were involuntarily drooping and falling flat against my bed would precisely be the most logical thing to do but the unfortunate circumstance I stuck myself into hopelessly deprived me of the tiniest coziness there is possible. But for half a heartbeat, I let myself pretend that I will soon get away with all those inconveniences amidst the odds being clearly not on my favor. But all things, including such inescapable troubles, do come to an end. And after nearly ten long hours of being high and dry around those chaotic roads my saving grace finally rose.

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