30 September 2015

The Hermit Crab and His Home

I am I live and crawl and love
As I am free and wild as fire
With my days spent in ocean’s arms
There still this something, more than meets your eye

Every now and then I crave for new
An abode to fit my growing limbs and toes
Some shells that snails leave far behind
A second-hand home for me to thrive

See I don’t have a home I own
But still I live the way I love
I may not settle for a one true house
Cos I always leave, later find another one

But don’t you judge and call me things
That I am not, and will not yield
It’s just the way things come and go
I need to move and be alive

But too, afraid I’m aware that I
Could never own what I pretend to have
That I may soon break, and wither, and die
And someone else will take away this shell I’m at

The above photo was taken at Diguisit Coral Beach last 3rd of May 2014
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