05 October 2015

Baler, on shades of gray

Sometime on a cold midyear night last year, I was at Baler for the same old reason – to runaway, lol. It was a quick but eventful weekend break, to say the least. Actually, all there was was the whole night of Friday to travel, whole day of Saturday to tour, the remainder of the night to beach around, and the next day to travel back to reality. But mind you, that quick getaway, for some reason, was actually one of the most celebratory ones, like a long overdue basketball win over bonfires.

Until now, reminiscing about it still leaves me clueless how simple talks over a bottle of beer across those Pacific waves gave me faith and helped me clear some clutters off my head and come up with some huge realizations like a real and matured adult at that time – that some things aren’t written in the stars, that somehow everything will eventually make sense, and that all those shits there was will all be worth it in the end. 

On other news, behold, here comes the great photo dump.

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