29 September 2015

Beach, Beer, Baler

While the whole-day tricycle ride around Baler’s most wanted tourist attractions (e.g. Ditumabo Falls, Baler Museum, and Balete Park) was good, I have to skip the long aching storytelling part because I was technically asleep for most parts of this city trip primarily because of that disastrous turnout of events during the previous night. On other news, Baler is very well known to be a huge surfing destination, though time was a primary constraint to even consider giving it a try. Instead, the remainder of the day was spent through a long tambay-by-the seaside as soon as darkness covered the entirety of the Pacific ridge.

Who needs a crazy ride aloof the shores and across the waves anyway – when you could have those long stretch of gray sands to lay, whole wide seas to quietly squeal, sparkling stars in the open skies to behold, and a bottle of ice-cold San Mig Light beer, while unloading bombs of stories here and there.
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