17 June 2015

Davao in 24 Hours

Over the start of this week, I was grateful enough to experience twenty four hours of delightful taste of Davao  – from the clean and peaceful roads, courteous people, and a handful options of healthy foods. The trip was intended purely for business so there was very little time to explore the city. The visit was rather short to at least experience the minimum of what Davao has to offer but for a first-timer in Mindanao, I had to spare a few moments every now and then just to savor every little thing that cascaded my way.

Been to a few places such as Aldevinco and Ciudades, but will definitely be back to Davao for more, soon enough – Samal Island, durian ice cream, Mt. Apo, and a whole lot of more. Way to go! 


jonathan said...

I have never been there and this is one of the destinations I am eyeing soonest. I have heard many good things about the city so I know it is worth a visit or two.

yccos said...

Mindanao is such a wonderful place with so many good people. I had been to CDO and I have relatives in DAvao, hopefully I get to visit them too! And yes, Mt. Apo, you are building a team for the climb, please contact me too! I love to conquer the highest peak in the PH as well :)