29 May 2015

Mt. Makiling: Flora and Fauna

Mt. Makiling’s been known as a home of diverse biological species, some of which are endemic to the Philippines. Reports have it that the Philippine eagle, Rafflesia, and even cobras peacefully thrive at the vastness of the rainforest. And while I have not seen any of these yet along the trails during any of my Mt. Makiling hikes, I’m still lucky to have a glimpse of the rich and appalling flora and fauna the forest offers. Though the subsequent set of photos will not do any justice, here’s the dump anyway--


Hi! I am LiLi! said...

The first photo looks like the mock strawberry that keeps growing in my backyard.

Rix said...

HIndi ko naranasan mag camping dito nung elementary ako... Ngayon madalas ako sa sa pansol pero di ko pa rin nararating yan ☺

jonathan said...

The second to the last reminds me of chicken feet, very strange, but an excellent subject to shoot.