10 September 2014

Kawa Kawa Falls

It’s probably not as grand compared to the other hyped, more-loved, and well-established falls in the country but Marinduque’s less-travelled gem called Kawa-Kawa Falls, has its fair share of those best-of-nature’s-works, which I think makes it as a worthy side trip once your feet lands on the historic home of the Moriones. Situated at the remote and forested area in Bancuangan, Sta. Cruz, it would surely take a few calories to burn to reach it, noting the slightly uphill trudge of that long hard road. But fret not because all the efforts await an end that’s satisfaction-guaranteed. (For further falls details, read: here)

The trek started after a few moments of rest freshly from the Maniuaya Island jaunt. We pushed through with this third nature destination in our itinerary despite the lack of previous night’s good sleep which cues for a very timid and lazy Sunday afternoon. But then we had to move forward and stick to the plan, and soon enough we made our way there. Despite the disappointingly drop-wise flow of the water during that time (since it was summer season) and the uninviting feel out of tiredness, my nerves that long for a refreshing plunge still prevailed to have a test on the waters. Surprisingly it’s deep, in simple ways. Summing the pluses and the negatives up, the falls still has a lot to boast about.

For one, the falls is blessed being inhabited by a school of fishes that offers an instant foot spa. Upon dipping on to the ice-cold water, these fish species promptly feasted on our feet’s dead and callused skin like there’s no tomorrow, nature’s own brand of luxurious pedicure so to say. And the tickling sensations they bring are way too relaxing in effect. In turn, they are getting food from what’s supposed to be our body’s garbage. Mutualism defined.

Yet another majestic feature of this falls is its intimately-private feel. Usually, there were practically not much visitors around the area. Though during our visit there was that one group who were there before we came. The lush green shrubs and tall trees extending around it effortlessly give the shady atmosphere. The indulging rivulet, the natural cleanness, and the refreshing coolness, all count to its being a wondrous get away. Really, seldom do people go to that place, which practically preserves the next point which is..

Peace, serenity, and freedom in the wild. The calmness and quietness of the place is such a music to the ears – from the birds’ joyous chirps that echoes, to the insects’ rhythmic screeches, and the whistles of the swaying trees that graciously dances, everything’s just in perfect harmony, suggesting a pretty good eargasm for me. The detachment from noise and buzz of the busy streets in such a strangely feral scene is one of my nature engrossments, being one totally obsessed with the idea of solitude in such exquisite settings.

It was franticly getting dusky when we decided to get on our feet and leave the darkling woods. And it took us just the right time to walk to where we’ll stay the night before everything turned to a complete gloom.


jonathan said...

I was wondering what you all saw at the very end :)
I do love visiting falls and when I was back in Manila, it had been my favourite escape from boredom and stress. I wonder how the waterfalls be when it is the rainy season, must be over flowing.

Rix said...

the place is nice... mukang hindi commercialized kaya feeling ko benta sa akin ang place na ito. hmm siguro dapat mag arrange na din kami ng trip pa marinduque.