01 September 2014

Maniwaya Island: Beach Please

Truth be told, paradise do exist. 

Situated at the far north-eastern part of Marinduque is Maniuaya Island, the paradise at large that is ironically small in the map. Saying it’s underrated is prolly an understatement; I’m afraid I could not give justice picking the proper adjectives there is upon writing this, thus, it’s still best if you’ll see it yourself and give it the praise it deserves, as doing such is way too out of my expertise. However, to put things in their simplest forms, let's get to a common notion on it's main asset: the beach.

Fresh from a tiring cave stretch we previously had, we jumped our way to this haven with a boat chartered exclusively for the group, at late past noontime. Since I never had any overnight island experience prior to this, I have nothing to compare the experience with. But my hopes were sky-high that this would be an excellent one merely by considering the distance we had to travel just to reach this one. We were practically miles away from the busy city streets and I could help but imagine the raw beauty waiting for us at the end of the stride. Perhaps. I wasn't mistaken.

As soon as the boat pulled off, the vibe was great with clear skies decorated with the searing sun and the breeze leaving a cooling skin touch. The waves were awesomely cool and occasionally challenging at the same time gracing us a bumpy but perfect ride. I was too restless and sleepy at that moment out of tiredness but the ride was too good to lose a glance at. So I was practically all-eyes all throughout the voyage merrily feasting my eyes with the amazingly clear turquoise waters, keeping in mind we were venturing a beaten path, in which, where my heart is. We were merrily feeling the breeze and unbelievably praising the crystal clear waters as we stride and in about an hour, our feet were finally chasing the island’s mix of fine and sugary but white sands.

We arrived at the unspoiled, obscured, rugged destination just in the nick of time. The sun was still up but was fast approaching the horizon in nearly less than an hour. We took a few minutes appreciating the entire scene before capturing some moments as the sun was also ghastly leaving. The plan was to leave this island the next day before the clock’s hands strike the top of the hour, thus we made it to the point not to miss the grand sunset before our very eyes. Well enough, we did get one hell of a good shoot, and it’s a proud feeling to present these ones. Credits go to the respective photographers who took these shots.

Comes night-time and we’ve had enough of the beach course, but the adventure was totally not over yet. For the night was dark and full of adventures, we celebrated ourselves with a bottle of light, a handful of laughs, and music under the cloudless sky, before finally treating ourselves a very satisfying night’s sleep. The next day came, and we never had enough of the island’s offers yet thus we had another round of beach exploration before packing up.

Despite such short stay, I could say that the island itself was great, much to relaxation and serenity it has purportedly showed me. We could have stayed there a little longer but our itinerary points us to leave before the lunchtime. True enough, we really had no idea what good things are coming our way after that.. to be continued
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