18 December 2017

Postlude: HK Down The Road

Being a first-timer in Hong Kong – outside the Philippines for that matter – this particular trip is liberating in so many levels. Every inch of HK showed how much good of a place people in Ph are lacking. Not that I would trade my homeland for HK, but the balanced mix and contrast of modern setting and a dynamic cultural landscape, organized and highly efficient train system sprawling in a laid back country feels as well as the fast-paced yet relaxing mode of things, are equally inviting.

This HK-Macau trip early this year was a good combo of leisure and adventure. Although a lot of unfortunate events came our way – from the almost-left-by-the-plane during our departure, the unsatisfactory accommodation from AirBnb, and the misadventures in Macau, I won’t trade anything of it for anything else. Overall, this particular trip is more than satisfying to say the least. For some reason, I regard this as one of those personal most rewarding travel moments mainly because several other firsts came with it. This also gave me the chance and opportunity to reset and get that much needed fresh perspective just before I engaged myself into that extreme rollercoaster ride courtesy of the forthcoming chem board exam during that time. On top of it, I was also given the opportunity to visit a person I love but seldom see during my trying times.

Indeed, five days weren’t enough to have the best HK & Macau experience, as limited by what my wallet could afford and how much time the schedule actually allowed. Further, taking into account all those misfortunes we had to endure, we somehow failed to maximize and spend those five days to the fullest. But then we don’t really need to see all there is out there all at once in a single journey as there is always that next time in everything. In the end, it’s just about going out there, seeing something new, experiencing beyond the confines of what our current lives permit. Needless to say, the trip was an avenue for a lot of takeaways, handful of lessons learned throughout the entire process, and at the same time, several other strolls and food trips to  to look forward to in the future.

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