Jubilee Hill


Jubilee Ville | Los Banos, Laguna | 02 February 2013. To be honest, the climb wasn’t really a good one. It’s not a real climb to begin with. It was a stroll in the park. It took us just around fifteen minutes to reach the summit from the jump-off. In fact, previous climbers who climbed the hill were a group of kindergarten kids for their PE course. LOL. Contrary to the usual drill, I wasn’t with my regular climb-mates on that day. Rather, I was with some friends who were not at all interested to climb but was there because I forced them to. Sincerely, I pretty appreciated their effort to make that climb possible.

Before the sunrise, we decided to meet at some point near the UP Gate and waited for others to come. From there, we had long walks over the campus to reach the jump-off point at the Jubilee Village. It took us around an hour to complete this step essentially because of those occasional stops to capture these:

Fast-forward, we reached the summit in a glimpse. Though the trail shouldn’t be underestimated because of the relatively long and slippery assault, the whole thing just happened so abrupt. Negligible sweat left my pores. Foreseen difficulty level not met. Fail. Epic fail. Nevertheless, we made it a point to do the highlight of this trip called photoshoot.

After a few minutes of rest, sight-seeing, and photo sessions, we started to descend. We then took the alternate route back to campus via IRRI. We had our breakfast there before we finally headed home. We also rode the famous trolley, which was my first time.

Credit: Some of the photos are owned by Jocelyn Cardenas

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  1. Mukhang kakapagod pero bakas naman sa mga cute faces niyo ang saya...

    Sama naman.... hehehe

  2. Juicy Jay says:

    Sometimes, it is not about the climb that is always stealing your excitement. It can also mean your every step and the joy of doing it with friends close to you. That for me is more fulfilling than the climb alone. It is because a climb when done alone is useless because you have no one to express and exchange how are you feeling while and after the climb.

    Obviously, the camaraderie here is what I evidently noticed.

  3. fiel-kun says:

    Ang sarap talagang mag mountain hiking lalo na pag kasama mo ang iyong mga barkada.

    Gusto ko din ma-experience yan. Yung mga bundok kasi dito sa San Mateo, masyado nang barren or tinayuan na ng mga kabahayan lols >,<

    glad you guys had fun on your climb. namiss ko din bigla yang trolley. meron nyan sa PUP Sta. Mesa hehe.

  4. MEcoy says:

    saya naman talaga nyan lalo pag ang barkada ang kasama!
    di ka mapapagod at mag eenjoy ka pa

  5. JonDmur says:

    na miss ko sumakay sa trolley na yan.... biring yata tawag sa amin sa ganyan....

    mukhang enjoy naman... yan mga na miss kong lakad.... enjoy lang....

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