Mayon at Kailanman

Growing up circumstantially witnessing the natural treasures of the north, as perk of sponsored trips during those grade- and high-school days, I developed this colossal desire to realize more of those nature fantasies stuck on my mind and feet, extend my adventures down south, and eventually, the rest of the archipelago. But funds, being a major game player, and me being a student who's practically broke in most of the days, everything I long for my traveller-self is a shot at the moon. I don’t simply have anything to make the impossible happen, so I had to mark that road temporarily closed by then – until such time when I finally had that window of opportunity to make that own-money-for-myself-to-spend.

Fast forward came 2012, soon as my thesis manuscript was hard-bound, was hired for a job I half-loved shortly after, and finally made cash out of it, I made sure to take some of those abstract fantasies into intangible realities. It’s what you do when you have the time, much energy, and a little but enough dash of money. I truly had the best of times during those good travelling days – mountains, beaches, and the list goes on and on.. but not until such time when I had to slow down a bit, pull the pedal, and set those wanderlust urges aside once again to dedicate more time for another chapter of my academic life, being a part-time student on one hand, and a full-time job on the other. 

Thus, I extremely thank the universe for holidays. One such rarities was during that Christmas season, when I was able to get in touch with the sands of Matnog in Sorsogon, then later dropped by Legazpi just before going back home; sit over a rock and spend some quality time waiting for the clouds to partially reveal this conic's perfect form, with such perfect peak I sincerely wish to stand the test of time:

Surely, it will take a few more full moons before some well-spent getsway like this comes up again. To those other dear spots from the country on different waiting ends, please wait for me patiently. It’s just a matter of time.

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