Matnog on my mind

25 December 2015, Subic Beach, Matnog. The time just slipped away and it was christmas day afternoon already..

I had along restless road exposure prior to this beach bumming moment, and this hints an almost sleepless christmas eve on my part. It was almost noontime at the helm upon reaching the official jumpoff point at the southernmost tip in Sorsogon. The fact that it was a holiday, I expected that it will be extra hard to find a chartered boat towards the target destination. But good heavens permit, the seeking game didn’t last that long after some petty negotiations, then the boat’s crawling good to go as it made its way across the pacific waves.

A staggering happiness was currently happening in the island during the sultry but gracious arrival, witnessing a bunch of kids having the time of their lives in their lushest playground called the waters and a huge family celebrating over. It’s nice to see such free-spirited souls taking things lightly on such postcard-perfect scene – stunning powdery sand, richly plant-lined beaches lapped by clear turquoise waters, and so on. And it made me feel good. Talk about being away from home, away from the usual routine, the usual rules, and the usual woes. Happy independence day.

The beach wasn’t at its best during my visit; quiet and devastated as it is due to the previous typhoon that hit the province weeks before Christmas – no electricity, thus no ice for sale, therefore no cold beer. Nevertheless, the place was still as lovely as I imagined. Indeed, it only took me a heartbeat to fall in love with this lovely place. It’s 2 o’clock, and no matter how I wanted to further drench myself on the waters, I had to temporarily set everything aside and embrace that long-coveted sleep for myself, the sea-side way.

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