12 December 2015

Mt Pulag's Sea of Clouds

While the sub-zero wind chills tortured me the whole night, I could still positively feel the glorious morning coming ahead. The Mt. Pulag night cold struggle continues with that 3 AM call-time for the final assault to the panoramic view point. It was cold inside our tent but the colder reality is, it was obviously colder beyond our hopeless cage. But left with no choice, we had to defy Newton’s first law of inertia, and get ourselves going. 

Still too dark, we needed headlamps to work our way up the muddy trails across those countless slopes and hills. Along the hike, flashes of great scenery were greeting us once in a while but the entirety’s not fully revealing itself yet. We strolled for a little over an hour until we finally saw that one last push of a hike and get there right above the clouds, with us momentarily being the tallest things in the entire Luzon island..

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