Mt. Lubog, Rodriguez, Rizal (In Photos)

As I was saying, the calm and peaceful Mt. Lubog off the Sierra Madre range could sometimes be badass unforgiving and downright sadistic. Especially when the gods of weather came in to picture, slapping us with some rain and a bit dose of wind, last weekend. Hence, like any other mountain there is out there, it really means business and mustn’t be at all underestimated as it require the respect it deserve from its climbers. That if you don’t give the f respect it demands, it could easily snatch it from you. Plus interest. The climb turned out to be as enduring as it could be – long hours of bumpy rides, wet bodies, heavy muds – even forcing me to sit out for two days as it claimed two of my working days for fever. But tagged along with the climb were some hard lessons to keep; and maybe we don’t need much brain cells to learn them, just the mere presence in witnessing the said feat would suffice. So here comes some pieces of evidence that I was really there on those very trails on that stormy day while nature expertly played one of its tricks on me..

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