Manabu Climb


My love for the outdoors is bringing itself to the next level. The quarter hasn't been ended yet (as of the day we did this climb, February 16, 2013) but we've already gunned for the fourth mountain already. As a consequence of missing the Manabu (abbrev. for Mataas na Bundok in Sto. Tomas Batangas) hike, I, with a climbmate spent the third weekend of Feb to make up for the missed climb. Manabu is part of the Malipunyo range (beside Malipunyo peak and Susong-dalaga). It's gifted with a straightforward trail, mild terrain, and a level-up peak view instantly gaining my love and admiration. plus, bonus points for the good weather that day. The going was pretty good, with no major crux, obstacles or other tricky parts, thus, a good hiking site for new hikers (like us).

It was a perfect day as we set out. Though, I think this was the most tiring climb I had, compared to the four previous ones so far: Mt. Maculot, Pico De Loro, Mt.Kalisungan, and that hill near the campus. One compelling reason for this is the fact that we finished the supposed 2-hour trek in less than an hour by skipping the mandatory takes (rests/breaks) as we went up. We had minimal stopovers all throughout. Furthermore, the easy climb turned out hard mainly due to its coincidence with the UPLB's Feb Fair week, a season made to keep elbi people awake for the whole week (in my case, at least). True enough, I barely had sleep the previous night. There’s nothing much to say about the trail as everything went in a flash all the way to the summit. 

However, the peak was a good site to see Mt. Maculot, Mt. Makiling, and the Malipunyo range, of course. These peaks are cool to see and we felt privileged for having the chance to see them straight from the Manabu peak. As per drill at any summit, I made sure to savor the moment before descending. My concerns on how the climb might go, given that my eyes were drooping during most parts of the trek, all faded away. I was relieved by the fact that we get there safe and sound. Here are photos of the nearby peaks I was talking about earlier.

It's nearing 12nn already when we took our usual, favorite lunch (take-out from Jollibee Turbina). After the meal, we traversed to visit the grotto where we were able to have a long chat (about some mountaineering stuff) with some fellow hikers. I was actually amazed and inspired with their rich experiences and their passion of the sports. Before reaching back to the base point of the mountain, we fulfilled the unnoted buko juice drinking ritual. We may haven't noticed but we always get to taste the buko juice offered from each of the mountains we're climbing. That was very timely because I badly needed some refresher at that time, after a bad-belly-encounter just a few moments ago. The Jollibee lunch was good, but they all turned.. poooof.. koko krunch along the way. 

After this climb, I realized a few things. Through climbing, I see, more than the world, but the idea of simplicity, harmonious, and worthy living--which basically, is what I need. Or so put it, I just wanted to be where my thoughts drives me--because it's that simple and harmonious living I deeply, currently long for.

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