Mt. Maculot

This first historic climb is an attempt to venture on somewhere new . Nothing’s sweeter than breaking that ice that freezes the hell out of me since I've been caught by the house-work-house-work loop lately. Getting some fresh air from the outskirts is a good way to escape from the ironic monotony and rush brought by the busy elbi life.

Overly fascinated with the thought of this something new, I barely had a good sleep last night, on those wee hours before the climb. Figuratively, the trek has started for me during that night already. Pictures of expectations were hopelessly cascading behind my subconscious. My mind’s been hooked to that thought of climbing a real mountain. Nevertheless, the excitement I wasn't able to contain, gave me hard time to have a good rest. After a nearly zero sleep, I got up at 3 am. We then left our apartment at around four and had our breakfast at a not-so-familiar, or more appropriately, never-before-seen food stall called Jollibee, along Crossing Calamba. After a few rounds of jeepney rides and occasional power naps along the way, we reached Cuenca Batangas, where the mountain of interest calmly sits, eagerly waiting for us. We still had another round of ride before finally reaching the jump-off point.

The sun’s already scorching hot when the actual climb began. Unfortunately, due to poor signs stationed along the way and the miscommunication with the locals who gave the directions, we walked the wrong trail. To cut the long story short, we got lost. And we had to go back to where we’ve started and start all over again.

Thankfully, the second attempt was successful then. The hike went smooth except for the muddy trail that caused long, grungy, slippery walks (because it rained hard nights before that day). Everything else worked out just fine as we went uphill. 

Since several mountaineers and adventure bloggers have a lot of stories already told about this mountain, I'm not going into further details. Just to reiterate, nothing beats catching a breath of fresh air while bringing one’s thoughts to unimaginable miles away. There is that unexplainable feeling up there only a climber knows about. 

After a few hours at the peak spent for lunch break, subtle rest, and photoshoots, plus some more moments at The Rockies, we prepared for the descent.

This whole climbing thing sounds like a good start. As early as now, I wish I could find myself walking more trails pretty soon. Way  more mountains to go, and it's surely more uphill battles soon. Certainly, a certain Miley Cyrus single is making a lot of sense to me already.

Credits: Some of the photos are owned by Paul Lloydson Alvarez.

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