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Phillip Phillips | Raging Fire

From a huge fan's standpoint, I can't let this pass without it mentioned on this site. That even with the current season of the American Idol further dropping to a definitive blandness, good things surfaces as S11 champ Phillip Phillips rages on with ‘Raging Fire’, the carrier single off his upcoming sophomore yet-to-be-titled album, that which is predicted to push folk-rock to a whole new ground once more. The cadence and progression and the strings and drums, purport-ly impacted with leviathanic charm and wide-eyed sincerity, all rolls into a solidly glorious Phillip Phillips sound I think we all fallen in love with since ‘Home’ days. Listen: here

Phillip Phillips' The World from the Side of the Moon

Eight rollercoaster months after the splendid debut of the undeniably, best, not to mention, the most relevant AI coronation song for the past 11 seasons,  Phillip Phillips is still smashing the airwaves with ‘Home’ barely proving those filthy doomsayers all wrong. The world from the side of the moon, from which the song was part of, was released two months ago and is set to hopefully crash charts. And on a rare occasion, I’ll be doing a track by track review for each single off the album.

1. Man on the Moon. Essentially, this opening single sounds like a Dave Matthews Band dessert, which turned out expected as he cited the group as one of his musical influences, though, it wasn’t clearly evident during his performances on Idol.

2. Home. I’ve already wrote a few good things about this before.

3. Gone Gone Gone. Given that Phillip hugely sounds like Mumford & Sons, which is my top favorite band to date, I never find it redundant to like the still distinct Phillip Phillips sound. If you have loved ‘Home’ before, then there’s no way you’ll find this hit lovable less than that.

4. Hold On. The overall appeal may be lacking but lyrical-wise, this single is a huge catch. One of the biggest potentials as third track.

5. Tell Me A Story. The weakest track so far. The lyrics were perfectly written, I’m just unhappy of how silent the track has turned out.

6. Get Up, Get Down. Something refreshing after the timid arrive of ‘Tell Me A Story’.

7. Where we came from. This is one of the strongest on the line up. Prepare to be blown away with the chorus. Plus the pre-chorus, of course, from which stems the song’s ultimate asset. Now I seriously wish this to be released as a single.

8. Drive Me. The moment I heard this single, I knew Phillip Phillips should be going somewhere. Shame on us if we let gems like this end up on trash. One of the dirtiest,  yet the coolest.

9. Wanted is Love. This is a no-rollercoaster album. Just when I thought that it’s time to step back a bit after a back-to-back smash with ‘Where We Came From’ and ‘Drive Me’, comes another shattering ear-candy.

10. Can’t Go Wrong. At this point of time, I can’t wait for the next album already. This is one of the more-Phillip-Phillip-less-M&F-and-DMB tracks.

11. A Fool’s Dance. I feel a little lost after a round at this. It’s a bit gloomy. And weak at some point. I’ll give it another spin later.

12. So Easy. This is a perfect hit to seal such a brilliant CD. The next best thing to 'Home'.

I’m sorry if you find this review a bit biased. Remember, this is from the point of view of a Phillip Phillips’ humbly huge fan. So objectivity was a little bit set aside.


The Top 12 Songs of 2012 (Part 2)


I've never expected holidays 2012 would be this busy. I don’t know where to steal a little more time to crack a decent year-end post. Before going on with the rest of the list, you can check out the first part, if you wish.

6. Drive By – Train (55 plays). Trust me, this shit is way too catchy to dismiss entirely after the first hear. It’s no wonder why people started to dig this shit after that Train medley shit during the Miss Universe shit. Anyway, I think I’ve said a few good thingsabout this shit before.

5. Somebody That I Used To Know – Gotye feat. Kimbra (74 plays). This is a particular shit that made a whole lot of shit sense to me for 2012. 

4. We Are Young – fun. feat. Janelle Monae (95 plays). After many years of sitting behind the radio, it’s a huge surprise to hear a modernized Queen incarnation. One day, centuries from now, when music historians will look back at this music era, ‘We Are Young’ will be regarded as a classic one. Granted the song’s huge success, it will remain to be a frontrunner on the string of potential hits-that-define-this-decade.

3. Don’t You Worry Child – Swedish House Mafia (103 plays). Given a chance to manipulate the numbers, I’ll instantly put this on top.

2. Par Que – Dong Abay (117 plays). Rebulto is my favorite album this year. This is the type of record Filipinos should be listening to.

1. Home – Phillip Phillips (132 plays). Because I'm going home. And now I am.


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