12 December 2017

Macau Feels

Senado Square, Macau – And then I found myself in the midst of a huge crowd in that festive ground, walking around, when I had a short accidental eavesdropping instant over a nearby bunch of fellow kababayans

“Paano ba ito?”

“Kaya mo yan. Dapat lagi lang tayong laban”

“Ano pa nga ba, kailangan na naman magpadala bago mag-katapusan”

As I sensed a small drama about to unfold right before my eyes, I did leave at once to save myself from a threatening emotional imbalance.

That day, I can’t help myself but think about someone I dearly love, who is just like them living on the very same foreign land. 

It kept me wondering if she have ever been to such a situation on some occasions, some time.

That thought and feeling right then, isn’t something I really like.

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