22 December 2017

Quick Gulugod-Baboy Hike

Being one of the easier climbs, Mt. Gulugod-Baboy (Mabini, Batangas) remains as a favorite hike for novice hikers. Thus, coming from a long hiking hiatus, this mountain was a perfect choice for a comeback climb. Not only that it has a gradual and easy trail and without the need for a tour guide (listed 2/9 difficulty level; accdg to Pinoy Mountaineer), it also offers an equally pleasing sight along the trails, overlooking Batangas and Balayan Bay, and towards the peak of wide range pastoral scenes. 

Personally, I’d be glad to go back for another round, possibly an overnight to have a more intimate interaction with the mountain. Although, to be very honest, there’s nothing much special about it, except for the anticipation of the foreseen side-trip and the fact that this climb, in my case, was a first-after-a-long-long-while. However, scanning some photos taken during the climb right now, I think it’s still worth a try, and drooling and salivating enough.

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