07 September 2015

Boat Trip to Paridisical Cabalitian Island

Few times in the past that I attempted to religiously explore Pangasinan for the simple reason that I grew up right in there.  But more often than not, I fail. Since 2007, I barely had a good and substantial length of time to stay at home which makes it even more uncharacteristic to consider exploring my homeland and realizing such goal. Except for some few instances when the universe conspires with everything else to make some things happen – a good itinerary, at a good break, with the right people to travel along with.

One good example of which was that 2014 holy weekend getaway to one of the unsullied islands off the blissful Labrador coast called Cabalitian Island. The name might not ring a bell at all compared to the famed destinations such as the Patar Beach in Bolinao and the Hundred Islands in Alaminos, but then prominence is not always directly proportional to the wonders a certain place could offer. 

Despite the fact that the trip was far from having a jam-packed itinerary and the island’s offering is restricted to the seductively cerulean beach and the basin along the cave in there, it was a perfect hideaway to chill, which were enough for a boast of its unique and authentic flair. It has also a fair share of those unspoiled waters wildly crashing against the perfectly crafted rock formations, making it a joyful place to stay.

So there, with the currently long list of prospected destinations in my birthplace that I have been planning to set foot to, I wish I could quench this thirst and wanderlust creeping in my arteries right now, real soon.

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