Pico De Loro

After the historic first full climb at Mt. Maculot in Cuenca, Batangas earlier this month, Pico De Loro (lit. Parrot’s Peak) at Ternate, Cavite happened to be our next destination last weekend.

I’m afraid this blog will turn into an adventure/travel one pretty soon as this perverse mountain-climbing desire is largely growing on me these past few weeks―that reverie of me wishing to go high and wishing to go high and \wishing to go high, and then I was there, and then wondering why the hell do I want to be high, literally, given that I’m afraid of heights. Irony.

Blessed with pleasing weather and sweet-disposition-ed climbmates, the hike commenced soft and safe.

Photoshoot sessions are inevitable along the way, photographing those otherworldly colors, surreally captured on those lenses. Setting hypocrisy aside, people, themselves, are their own favorite subjects. So to say, get drowned with our vanity.

After two to three hours of racing against gravity, finally, we’re there―I had no particular desire to stay any longer than necessary at the summit as my intestines were already trying to escape from my body during that moment.

The adventure didn’t end there. There was another peak we had to climb, which was a matter of life and death to me. I had to scramble up that slightly polished lump using my both hands gripping those few growing weeds along it, that if I slip, no, I wouldn’t want to. Feel sorry for me because the clamber I was talking about was a stroll-in-a-park for others on the team.

On top, finally. While we're there, I might as well got in to some good moments with beaming hypoxic smile. Though the wind was hardly blowing, I still managed to do some sight-seeing, overlooking the grandiose top view of a yet another wondrous gift of nature. I was there, and right in front of my very eyes are what seemed to be a caricature of a ferocious nature. That moment, the great outdoors are no more foreign to me.

The end of lunchtime signalled the start for descent. We drove our way back to Los Banos and wrapped the day with a long, good sleep. 

Credits: Some of the photos are owned by Lara Batalon & Erik Fruto

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  1. OPM Songs says:

    Enjoy mountain climbing while listening to your favorite OPM Songs...

  2. Uy, nagpico de loro kayo. Hahaha

    I think that hiking and mountain adventure are elbi people thing. My sister loves the heights of nature. Pero takot sa 36th floor ng building.

    By the way, the Nasugbu part of Pico de Loro is more awesome than the Ternate part. Just saying.

  3. nakakapago... nakakahingal... ngunit masayang paglalakbay...

    nakakainggit naman... hindi ko pa na-try 'yan...

  4. Rix says:

    kewl di lang pang song/music critic pang adventure pa :)

  5. Pao Kun says:

    Okay lang naman maging travel blog to. HAHAH!

    Hindi pa talaga ako nakakapag hiking. Parang nakakapagod kasi. lol Pero refreshing sa taas pag nakikita ko sa mga pictures! :)

  6. xoxo_grah says:

    Super cool siguro ang mountain climbing...i never tried to climb but I will have that on my bucketlist...takot ka pala sa heights?...:)


  7. ZaiZai says:

    Congrats mountain climber Oliver! :) I felt scared for you as I read the part where you had to hold on to the weeds, but hey you did it! I wish I get to experience this too :)

  8. Juicy Jay says:

    Hahaha! Pare, it's trying to be at war with your limits. Afraid of heights is just in the mind. Good thing is, you're giving it a try and you succeeded. The desire is limitless, only the body can succumb.

    It's good though that you're showing the other side of you - the adventurous side. If you're fearing that this music blog will turn into a travel/adventure blog, you can create a separate one or put a segment of travel in this blog - hahaha..naks nag advice noh.

    But you're lucky you've been in higher grounds and still wanting. I hope one day, I can do that too. More traversing and exploring!

  9. MEcoy says:

    wow yan ang unang nasa list ko ng magpupuntahan
    malapit lang samen at matipid

  10. jonathan says:

    In life, we need to find the courage to battle our weaknesses so us to triumph and you did. What a marvellous example!

  11. fiel-kun says:

    Huwaw Olivr, indeed nagiging travel blog na itong munting tahanan mo hehe. Pero still I like it. Ang ganda ng sceneries jan sa tuktok ng pico de loro :)

  12. Bumubundok kana ngayon ah. Fun adventure :)

  13. JonDmur says:

    wow congrats sa magandang adventure.... and thanks sa pag share sa amin... atleast nakita namin...

    sarap siguro sa pakiramdam.....

  14. Wow! ang sarap ng adventure nyo po! just dropping here in your blog :) if you have time po feel free to visit my blog at OPM Songs . By the way I would like to ask if you care for an exchange link.

  15. OPM Songs says:

    hello oliver, if you have time you may also try visiting Mt.Tarak here in Bataan. I'm sure you will enjoy the beautiful views here and blog your adventure :)

  16. OPM Songs says:

    By the way, feel free to visit my blog at OPM Songs :)

  17. Olivr says:

    I'll consider your suggestion.

  18. Ngayon ko lang to nabasa. Nakakainspire ang writing skills me. ASTIG!

    I think pasok na pasok ka maging writer sa magazine :)

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