Different Corners


Stripped down, emotionally naked, and more honest than the first album-Nicole Asensio

General Luna is having their Different Corners album launch right at the moment I’m typing this post. Meanwhile, have an eye for a rundown of the pretty faces behind the resonating rock at the finest.

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  1. gord says:

    the girl with the drums! XD

  2. Diko sila kilala pero binoto ko si Nicole. Astig din si bea yung drumer :)

  3. Balut says:

    i watched them live at MO2 Iloilo during Dinagyang 2012 (January) and they all look great to me :). these ladies have different personalities but they have one thing in common - they are all talented and beautiful :)

  4. Olivr says:

    ^^ Agreed. Talented and beautiful musicians.

  5. Naku... ANg ganda ni Nicole.. pero ang cute din ni Bea! Pero basta, si NIcole ang binoto ko. :)

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