Bamboo | Morning Rose

No Water No Moon has been a long wait (in my case), since the day Bamboo (the group) came to rest to give way to the birth of Bamboo (the solo act). After religiously following the Bamboo Manalac blog for the past few months waiting for updates regarding its conception, production progress and the eventual release, it all boiled down to a huge disappointment as ‘Questions’ was chosen to lead the list instead of a few relatively more brilliant records off NWNM. ‘Questions’ is lyrically pleasant but the supposed radio appeal is actually more evident on some of the less favored tracks, including ‘Morning Rose’. One good thing about the said unreleased track is the fact that despite the distinct Bamboo Manalac tone, it sounded no-Rivermaya, no-Bamboo, at all, gracing a totally supposed fresh start for Bamboo.

But then, there’s always a next time. And ‘Morning Rose’ might be next in line. And I’m holding on to that.

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