Sugarfree-free UPLB Feb Fair

This post has long been an overdue as I was trying to wait for photos to be uploaded for me to steal since I don’t have the capacity to document those nostalgic events during that mournful twilight of February 18 when elbi people screamed with Kung Ayaw Mo Na Sa Akin, reminisced with Mariposa, celebrated love with Makita Kang Muli, shouted Hari ng Sablay, and cried over Tulog Na. That night wasn’t an ordinary as we all know because it would be the last time that Sugarfree (isa sa mga tanging bandang nagtiyatiyagang bumalik sa elbi) will be playing as a group on a UPLB Feb Fair.

It was one such painful moment when you know that something so dear to you, something you looked up to, and some performance you’ve been religiously waiting for during the past Feb Fairs, will seal an untenable farewell for the last time. During the previous Feb Fair years, I’ve been sneaking to Freedom Park (alone) to treat myself a free Sugarfree concert while my friends who were apparently not interested are having their dates with their beds. Though this time, it was entirely different since I was with some batchmates who were also huge fans. And just before the night turned weary, Ebe, Kaka, and Jal sang Los Banos sounding much of a requiem ever than before.
Next year, Sugarfree wouldn’t be in the fair anymore. But a sweet note at the end of the show left elbi people in awe when Ebe Dancel promised to come back.

Photos owned by Daniel Sta. Romana

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